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By: [info]ishiya_paradise -san

And for Those who are interested in what i write here is a list that i will e updating time to time and small projects I am in or out of...
Title: NMP - but what a painful world
Pairing: Akame, slightly Kokame
Raiting: PG/R
Genre: Futuristic, Myth-Like
Disclaimer: I have no connection with members of the JE. This story is fictional and may cause alot of tears =P
Summary: In the world of 2220 the earth have finally finished it's last resource to build their own one-world empire, Human Life and now life-like robots that are "the mirror" image of a human being are in war between each other. The Rulers of area 14 known as Japan has decided to stop this war but would be needing a Messiah, a Messiah that came from the past...and a forbidden love that will be created during this discipleship of changing this painful world to a painless one...
Beta: [info]pinkeuphoria1
A/N: It has been a while I have written, I am sorry for those who are following my old fic but now it is on hold, but not to worry, I shall start a new one and indicate I am still in action (barely). Thanks for those who written to me to celebrate my birthday =)

(Chapter 1)

Title: Longing to Be With You- The Main Story
Pairing: Akame, JunDa, TaNaka, RyoPi
Raiting: R/NC-17 (On some chapters)
Disclaimer: IN MY DREAMS...but not AKame owns themselves
Summary: Kame is an assassin for a yakuza gang, Jin is also is a bodyguard in the gang who is trying to get his love from the cold hearted perfect Kame....but is being rejected and rejected again due to Kame's past....Will Jin's heart get broken? Will Kame learn about Love from all the battles and missions he's been doing?...Will Kame go insane from taking so much lives?
Chapters Done: 41.25 + Full Sequal
Beta: lf_maggie -san, pinkeuphoria1 -san
Voiceover/Chapter Summariser: envyschaos2084 -san


(Chapter 48)/(Chapter 47)/(Chapter 46)/(Chapter 45)/(Chapter 44)/(Chapter 43)/(Chapter 42)/(Chapter 41)/(Chapter 40)/(Chapter 39)/(Chapter 38)/(Chapter 37)/(Chapter 36)/(Chapter 35)/(Chapter 34)/(Chapter 33)/(Chapter 32)/(Chapter 31)/(Chapter 30)/(Chapter 29)/(Chapter 28)/(Chapter 27)/(Chapter 26)/(Chapter 25)/(Chapter 24)/(Chapter 23)/(Chapter 22)/(Chapter 21)/(Chapter 20)/(Chapter 19)/(Chapter 18)/(Chapter 17)/(Chapter 16)/(Chapter 15)/(Chapter 14)/(Chapter 13)/(Chapter 12)/(Chapter 11)/(Chapter 10)/(Chapter 9)/(Chapter 8)/(Chapter 7)/(Chapter 6)/(Chapter 5)/(Chapter 4)/(Chapter 3)/(Chapter 2)/(Chapter 1)

Title: Longing to Be With You- The Sequal
Pairing: RyoPi + NewS + KAT-TUN
Raiting: R/NC-17 (On some chapters)
Disclaimer: IN MY DREAMS...but not RyoPi owns themselves

Summary: Under strict and new training with new medication Kame has become one of the strongest shuura of Japan but by the cost of NewS spy ganag member, Kusano Hironori's life. How is NewS taking this for the life taken away of one of their member? Will they seek revenge? What has the leader YamaPi would do? and how would Ryo react to this? Would this new strong relationship between the two break as the lost of their member has crumble their beliefs and love?
Chapters Done: Full Sequal - 3 Parts of Chapter 19.5
Beta: pinkeuphoria1 -san
Voiceover/Chapter Sumaariser: envyschaos2084 -san

(Chapter 19.5)/ (Chapter 19.5 - Part 2) / (Chapter 19.5 - Part 3)

Title: Tatta Hitotsu No Koi
Pairing: Hayaryu (Akame)
Raiting: R/NC-17 (On some chapters)
Disclaimer: IN MY DREAMS...but not AKame and Gokusen owns themselves

Warning: its A SADFIC.....
Summary: Ryu left for Canada Hayato for their own futures two year ago, until Ryu found that....but now he returns to Hayato asking if he can stay with him and have this relationship they have left behind for two months? What does this mean? and What will Hayato do? Is this the one and only love that Hayato and Ryu will face for the rest of their lives?

AN: i never thought this fic will finish before my main one, but then i was only planning for 7 chapters only and nothing more...I dont think I will be doing sequels r side stories or whatever...I'm sorry for those who will think there will be a continuation but sadly this is it...Thanks for following me for those who read this fic....and thank you for those who had tried beta-ing it...at first it felt like this fic had been cursed....==" thanks so much beta-sans for enduring it and writing it with me I thank you all and will try to continue if I can before i head to the real world....
Chapters Done: 7 (and FINISHED!!!)
Beta: juuhachi_ art san, karasu-yumi-san, pinkeuphoria1 -san


(Chapter 7 Part 1)/ (Chapter 7 Part 2)/ (Chapter 6) / (Chapter 5) / (Chapter 4) /(Chapter 3) / (Chapter 2) / (Chapter 1)

Title: Inside the Black Box...The Memories that are to be Remembered
Pairing: Akame
Raiting: PG-13/15
Genre: Agnst, Real life-ish
Disclaimer: I have no connection with members of the JE. This story is fictional and may cause alot of tears =P
Summary: Kame returns home to his lonely apartment after a long stressing day of work. He noticed someone has enetered leaving him a box of heartbreaking moments but happy memories...~ A self reflection of these beautiful eventful years.
A/N: This fic entry is for the  2011 one-shot fic contest. It has been a while I have written, I am sorry for those who are following my old fics but now it is on hold, and thank you again for those who are waiting for the others to finish.
(Inside the Black Box....)

Title: Akame Diaries
Kame: Trapped Under Your Possession (Part 1)
Jin: Lost In Your Eyes (Part 2)
Pairing: Akame
Raiting: NC-17
Disclaimer: IN MY DREAMS...but not.... AKame owns themselves
WARNING: THIS IS A SMUT FIC....all those naughty kids out there who are underage...i'lll get Akame to kick you if you're gonna read it!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
Summary: Kame and Jin feels insecure about each others feelings going through jealousy, overpoesssion, lust, hartred, lonliness, separtation, and longing. Has even any of them told each other how much they love each other with their own voices? other than using body language and actions? Both finally decide to show each other their love through their romantic moments
Beta: pinkeuphoria1 -san
Projectowner: newssuki -san

( Part 1: Kame's Diary - Trapped Under Your Poessession )
( Part 2: Jin's Diary - Lost In Your Eyes )

Title: Love Conquers All
Pairing: Akame
Raiting: NC-17
Disclaimer: I have a Kame spoon painted red...and my friend broken orgimi red turtle so SUE ME =P
Summary: Kame and Jin's relationship is getting unsecured by the threats of paparizzi and with the pressure of Johnny would they need to split up? Does Love help to conquer every single battle it fights? Would Love help to conquer the battle for akame?

Beta by: eragon22 -san

(Again, if you're not of age don't read it)

Title: Blood That Spills On White Silk Kimono (akame_ contest entry?)
Pairing: Akame
Raiting: NC-17/R
Disclaimer: Jinzuya- this monster is very dangerous and i shall not clone nor GM modify it anymore it attacks fangirls and cuase them to faint and loose alot of blood and can cause death from bloody lost, No cure has been found
Summary: Back in the early Meiji era, a sudden serial killer of the night has taken justice for the god of deth, government officals of japanese who cause corruption and unequal rights were killed. Akanishi Jin a new officer and the new generation of the shisengumi investigates on the mystery to solve for these serial killings. While that behind the scenes, he met his first and one true love - Kamenshi Kazuya a male geisha successor of Ueda Tetsuya who has a terrible past life who wanted to start a new by entering this forbidden relationship of love, hatred, mystery, and suspense.
Chapters Done: 2.25
Beta: None